High Caliber K9 Training, LLC (HCK9) is a dog obedience school located outside of Kirksville, Missouri. It is a Limited Liability Corporation, owned and operated by Cassie Peck.

High Caliber K9 Training, LLC provides dog training for a variety of situations, from basic obedience and good manners to behavior problems and therapy work. The business offers several training options :

  • In-Kennel Training: Cassie offers four different board and train packages ranging from ONE week, TWO weeks, THREE weeks and FOUR weeks. The dogs are boarded overnight by HCK9 and go through a rigorous training program based on the needs and requirements of the dogs and their owners.
  • Therapy Work: Dogs are trained for specific jobs and duties. Timeframe is situation specific.
  • Basic Obedience Training: Private training and group lessons are available.
  • Boarding: Offered to previous training clients while space is available.
  • Boarding + Refresher Training: Offered to previous training clients only.
  • Other Services: Nail Trim (inquire about pricing).

Training will take place in Cassie’s personal home as the dog learns to “fit in” with obedience and good manners in its owner’s home environment.

To ensure safety for your dog and others, Cassie requires all dogs to be up to date on vaccinations. If your dog has experienced an illness prior to attending training a health check by your personal veterinarian is recommended.

Why does High Caliber K9 Training offer different levels of Basic Obedience classes?

These courses are used to create structure in your home and family. Just like children, dogs need structure to develop security within boundaries. An untrained dog can rule over the family. Just like a child, a parent disciplines their child because they love them and want them to fit into the family as well as society. Dogs need social skills as well. Rudeness is not socially acceptable behavior in people, and it is not socially acceptable behavior in pets. A trained dog is a happy dog. Obedience alleviates household problems. Your dog shouldn’t be a burden by getting into the trash, drinking out of the toilet bowl, jumping up on company, darting out the door, and chewing furniture, they should be good companions that alleviate stress instead of causing it.

These courses will also detail different types of canine social behavior as well as body language, providing the pet owner with insight into ways in which your pet is trying to communicate.

Every pet starts at a different level knowledge so classes are tailored to meet the needs of you and your pet.

Prices :

All Packages are Board and Train; Monday-Friday, weekends TBD

A Free Evaluation will determine what your needs are; your dog’s personality, temperament, challenges, manners, and so forth. We will set goals to help you and your dog to become the best team ever. Together, we can determine the lesson plan that works best for you. Free lessons are included in all training packages. Be advised that each dog learns differently, and adjustments will be made to meet your dog’s needs.
Multiple payment options available. Training Services require half payment up front.