About Us

Welcome to the High Caliber K9 Training LLC

Cassie Peck is the owner, operator and trainer of High Caliber K9 Training LLC. She has had an affinity for animals since she was six years of age. Her first pet was a Welsh Corgi she received as a birthday present in December 2001. Gus was a delightful family member with a mind of his own. He came from a breeder and had spent his first 10 weeks of life in an outside kennel. This formed a temperature requirement for this puppy. Gus was uncomfortable in a heated home. He would pant, cry and beg to go outside most of the time.Cassie as a little girl wanted a puppy she could cuddle, love, play with and learn to train. Cassie desired a companion dog to be her best friend. However, with the characteristics and traits of a corgi who required mental stimulation, a job to do or he was destructive and bored when left alone. Gus was very strong willed and required an owner with confidence and consistency with their training techniques.

Gus loved to run and play with Cassie as a child, nipping at heels and directing her course of movement. These are typical traits for a herding dog. Gus’s characteristics were to be the leader; therefore, he was training Cassie instead of the other way around. Gus, as much as he was loved and cared for, preferred to live outside in cool temperatures. He was built a big pen and was allowed to run and enjoy the family farm. This was a huge learning experience. Cassie learned that the traits of a dog breed and characteristics need to be taken into consideration when picking a breed or adopting a family pet. Gus lived a long happy life of 14 years as an outside dog. 

When Cassie was 9 years old, she still desired to have a house dog, a buddy she could cuddle with and love on, carry around and even sleep with if she so desired. At that point Cassie obtained a Boston Terrier who became her very best friend. Cassie began training her Boston named Angel at an early age. Angel competed in an obedience show at 10 months of age and did very well. Cassie developed the love of dog training as she continued to train her best friend. Boston Terriers are known for their intelligence and trainability. Angel desired being held, cuddled, dressed in doll clothing or whatever Cassie would do to her as long as she was given attention.

This close relationship sadly ended at the passing of Angel shortly after Angel’s 16th birthday.

These two dogs taught Cassie early on that she wanted to train dogs and make this a lifetime career.

Cassie currently has two Dutch Shepherds and a Belgian Malinois she has personally trained that are proficient in scent detection, article location, agility, narcotic detection, basic and show obedience, service work, tracking and protection work. These dogs are used for professional missions as well as demonstrations and trainings.
Cassie also assists her friend, classmate and fellow dog trainer Miranda Matuszewski, founder, owner, operator, and trainer of Multi-Sport K9 LLC with training as needed. You will also find Cassie assisting or holding group training classes with WagMore! LLC.

Training and Certifications:

The Academy of Pet Careers
(formally known as Petropolis)

After high school graduation Cassie attended Petropolis now known as The Academy of Pet Careers. Cassie studied basic obedience training, show obedience training, dog temperament and characteristics, dog psychology which includes the ability to understand dog behaviors, signs of stress, dog language and communication.  Service dog training, such as opening doors, assisting with walking, assisting when someone falls, throwing trash away, picking up items, retrieving items, walking next to a wheelchair or walker, grooming and pet care, as well as narcotic work and scent detection are skills Cassie has mastered.

Cassie received certifications in: Pet Empowerment (aka Dog Psychology), Professional Trainer, Pet Stylist, and Law Enforcement K9 Operations

The Tom Rose School of Professional Trainers, known as the “World’s Elite Dog Trainer Academy”

After receiving her certifications at Petropolis, Cassie attended The Tom Rose School of Professional Trainers known as the World’s Elite Dog Trainer Academy. There Cassie studied personal protection, different categories of obedience, agility and the importance of exercise, continuous in-depth narcotic detection, article location and tracking work.

Cassie received her Professional Dog Trainer Certification from The Tom Rose School.